uk.gif, 276B  cz.gif, 228B
chovatelská stanice czech black
Welcome to the Border Collie Kennel
Míša and Kim - season 2015 was very succesfful:
- 1st place Championship of Czech Republic, freestyle 2015
- 1st place DiscDog Cup
- World Championship in USA (USDDN): 11th place freestyle, 9th place SPTF
- 1st place France freestyle
Summer camp frishop 2016: agility (Petra Hamšíková) and dogfrisbee (Míša Andrová)
Check in possible now: info here
Litter B
Bandita - DKK and DLK: A/A, stud dog video agi 19 months
Brownie Charlie and Bolt (Marley), DKK and DLK: A/A more
bivak_a.jpg, 5,1kB Šediváčkův long 23.-24.1.
January - again in Orlické mountains


misakim_a.jpg, 12kB     Michaela and Kim competition 2014:
    - World Championship in USA   foto
       Freestyle 15th place (72 teams) with
       22,5 points in Minidistance  
    - Dog Chow pohár 2014 1st place
    - MS ČR freestyle 3th place
    - France freestyle 1st place foto
kddf.jpg, 6,5kB Competition 2014 :)
- Brněnské psí dny Míša and Kim 3th place freestyle: video
- 3.-4.5. Qualifier KDDF near Olomouc
   Kim and Chase qualified to MR and MS :)
   (Kim 1st place in SuperPro, Chase 3th place in freestyle)
1.-2.3. foto competition and spring in the mountains
Litter B - 3 months
- pics
- pics by Sabina
spolecne_3m.jpg, 15kB
sediv_long.jpg, 6,0kB    New pics:
- Šediváček long - January 2014 - Orlické mountains

- Litter B puppies :) - new pictures
vrhB.jpg, 4,7kB DSC_5657b.jpg, 6,9kB 1.11. 2013
Chase has 4 puppies. All are boys!!!
1x tricolor, 3x brown and tan
We are very happy :) smajlik.gif, 814B
more HERE
Dogfrisbee in Francie - qualifier USDDN. Chase 1st place and Kim 3th place :)
Pics of this amazing trip: here
sediv_long.jpg, 11kB Šediváčkův long 26.1.
the hardest sled dog race in Europe (240 km) in Orlické mountains.
Absolutely extraordinary experience.
Picture from Saturday sunrice
Winterplay with Arnika and Kim: video
ME dogfrisbee 2012 in Polen: video - rutines
                                              video - atmosfer
Cometition (Qualifier) and Seminar dogfrisbee with Melissa Heetr and Laura Moretz pics
Annakims hips are 0/0 (FCI - A) We are very happy :).
Chase is going :) video - Chase and skateboard.
Our Litter A has 1st birthday.
1.5.2011 Congratulation!!! Good luck puppies
video Akira Ace by agility training
kniha.jpg, 22kB Book about DOGFRISBEE (in Czech)
How to play dogfrisbee for you and your dog.
More then 200 photos and pics.

Info about the book (in Czech only)

1st place ME dogfrisbee 2010 - freestyle Open (Yva a Chase)
Congratulation to all Czech teams this year and thank you for your support!
Vielen Dank für alle super nette Glückwünsche!
Akira Ace Czech Black and agility games in 4th months : video
August - together with Chase in mountains Bieszcady - on the border Poland and Ukraine. pics
We have puppies - born on 1st May: Chimney Sweep Aibara and Chase
They are tricolor all.
konirna.jpg, 1,7kB konirna2.jpg, 3,2kB 5.-7.2. Horses farm
meeting for dogfrisbee funs in snow    info   foto   foto
pf2010_1.jpg, 13kB pf2010_2.jpg, 5,3kB PF 2010
Have your dreams be part of your reality.

_MG_8242.jpg, 1,8kB MG_8218.jpg, 2,8kB 5.11.
Arnika with Míša and dogfrisbee
foto by Pes Jíra
17.-18.10. Bye Bye Summer the last competition of Disc Dog Cup 2009
Arnika 4.Quadruped, 6.SuperMiniDistance,
Chase 6.Quadruped + 6. - Disc Dog Cup 2009                                            results, foto
slovinsko_b.jpg, 5,9kB 26.9. Slovenia – Maribor
Slovenia's first national dogfrisbee competition
with international participation

Arnika 2nd place Freestyle Open       info     foto
canicross_jirka.jpg, 2,6kB canicross_stepan.jpg, 2,7kB   12.9. Canicross - Hills Cup in Děčín
  Arnika with Jirka and Chase with Štěpán.
5.-6.9. Varšava - polské závody dogfrisbee - Arnika 11. místo Freestyle Open
26.-27.8. European Championships in Dog Frisbee 2009 in Germany
This event took place together with the Verdiana – big horses festival. Experiences, great show. We enjoyed it, next year in Holand...
foto  video   results         Chase 11th place Freestyle Open, Arnika 27th place Freestyle Open
9.-15.8. Agility camp Větřkovice - weekly training agility in Moravia foto Arnika and Chase.
             Even Mrs. Mouse was excellent by agility    my28.gif, 5,2kB     foto
Summer - holiday
- in South Bohemia with Arnika and Chase also - foto
- by Mazurian Lakeland in Poland with Chase on bike and kajak - foto
31.8.   attached a few pics from dogfrisbee events:
- seminar - Bryen Lamky in Olomouc 18.4.  foto - Brno - 27.-28.6.  foto
- seminar in Germany - Sabina a Markus 5.-10.7. foto - Ústí - Dog Festival 12.7. foto
27.-28.6. Brno - Czech Championship - dogfrisbee    Chase 2nd place   Arnika 14th place
It was realy rainy but Chase did us happy.                       foto   video   results
11.-13.6. Poland - Wroclaw - seminar and dogfrisbee competition                    foto   foto Chase
Arnika and Chase were in that time in heat - so we participated on the competition only us judges, watchers and photographs but the seminar with Melissa Heeter from USA was realy amazing!
22.-24.5. Nederlanden - UFO Major Freestyle - our first competition by UFO rules
ufo_logo.gif, 1,2kB Great show!
1st place Freestyle Starters Arnika
3th place Freestyle Starters Chase
foto   info
20.5. - Míša passed successfully the school-leaving exams - Thank´s everyone for support. smajlik.gif, 814B
16.-17.5. Nymburk - DiscDog Fun Weekend - Chase Arnika
mys3.jpg, 2,1kB mys.jpg, 2,9kB mys2.jpg, 3,8kB 21.4. New arrival
Chase discoverd a Mouse today in the morning in the forest. It was a domestic, lives she with us at home :)
18.4. dogfrisbee seminar with Bryen Lamky
19.4. Kirican DiscDog Freestyle - dogfrisbee competition - Míša was as a judge, Chase was excelent by freestyle rutine.   foto   foto   foto   a   results
29.3. Vest for vaults - new website added.
nymburk_zavody_unor.jpg, 2,0kB   21.2. Competition in horses hall - dogfrisbee - distance discipline in Hradišťko
           MiniDistance, DogDartbee, TimeTrial
           (TimeTrial 2nd place, MiniDistance 4th place) Chase, Arnika            foto
konirna.jpg, 2,2kB 23.-25.1.Horses farm 2009
Meeting of dogfrisbee friends in South of Bohemia. This year was a lot of snow and ice with Arnika and Chase
pics: disc without dogs, with dogs and from a trip
pf2009.jpg, 3,7kB   PF 2009
  Happy New Year wish CzechBlack and friends.
abertamy_ski.jpg, 2,9kB abertamy_frisbee.jpg, 3,2kB New Year in mountains in Abrtamy – Krušné hory
with Arnika and Chase pisc: disc and ski

luctom_a.jpg, 2 kB tom_a.jpg, 1 kBverca_a.jpg, 4 kB 8.-9.11. Brno
Meeting of DiscDog Club CZ members
with trip, squash, badminton, bowling... and 4 birthday party. foto
26.10. new website dogfrisbee, pics: trainings with Míša -Prague by the river (in Czech only)
5.10. Agility training in Stodůlky with Lucka Dostálová -  foto Pavel Humpolec    Arnika
11.-12.10. Bye bye Sommer – the last competition from DiscDog Cup 2008     Arnika    foto
logoME.gif, 1 kB 18.- 21.9. Dogfrisbee European Championship 2008
This year in Czech/Prague: 138 teams from 11 countries. More info by
Seminar with Melissa Heeter from USA - we pass exams for judges level 2. Next year will be the Championship in Germany...   Arnika   Chase
Camps and seminars:
25.-30.8. Rožnov pod Radhoštěm summer camp with agility and dogfrisbee   Arnika
10.-16.8. MišMaš summer camp with dogs sports in Kácov              Arnika  Chase
agility, dogfrisbee, dogdancing,...
3.-8.8.   Germany- seminar dogfrisbee with Sabine Bruns and Markus Wolf    Arnika    Chase
korsika-107a.jpg, 2 kB jizerky.jpg, 3 kB Holiday:
28.-31.7. Jizerské mountains - bike, trek with Chase pics

1.-12.7. Corsica trek, sun, water, mountains
             with Arnika Chase                                         pics
Competitions dogfrisbee:
5.-7.9.    Warsaw freestyle in Poland                    Arnika 6th Open, 8th MiniDistance
27.7.       Prague freestyle pics Arnika 6th Open,  Chase 5.Open
22.6.       Olomouc freestyle pics Arnika 2nd Starters,  Chase 4th Open
P1590921.jpg, 1 kB P1600370.jpg, 1 kB nymburk-130.jpg, 0 kB 1.6.         Wroclaw freestyle in Poland pics Chase
24.-25.5.Nymburk distance competition  pics Arnika
16.-18.5. Jihlava - seminar dogfrisbee with Jakub Štýbr           foto
slovinsko.jpg, 3 kB 3.-7.4. Slovenia- seminar dogfrisbee
Czech dogfrisbee trip into Slovenia to meet there with other dogfrisbee funs    Arnika       pics
24.2. Nymburk - Sunday – meeting with dogfrisbee and dogdancing
         Arnika   Chase             foto
konirna_II-091a.jpg, 4 kB konirna_II-109a.jpg, 4 kB 8.-10.2.Horses farm 2008
Dogfrisbee meeting and training at a horses farm in south of Bohemia
smajlik.gif, 0 kB     photos
2.-3.2.Hungary Happy Dog Euroflight Cup
madarsko-001.jpg, 4 kB The first dogfrisbee competition in Hungary - near Budapest . Our first competition in a hall with carpet and Skyhound ruls. There were competitors from 4 countries. Chase – on 5th place in freestyle
abertamy_leden_a.jpg, 1 kB 8.1. One week in mountains Krušné hory.
A lot of snow "we as musher amater" :-)
pf_a.jpg, 2 kB   PF 2008
  Good luck for you in 2008 !
  Hapy New Year :-)
Dogfrisbee 2007
The last year was splendid and full of dogfrisbee events.
usti.jpg, 5 kB 1.-2.12. Meeting of the DiscDog Club CZ
Meeting of frisbee funs and Club members in Ústí nad Labem with two trips, Ultimate and good food.
21.10. Classification
Arnika and Chase were classificated for breeding.
dvur2_a.jpg, 4 kB 13.-14.10. DiscDog Cup 2007 - final
Bye-Bye Summer DiscDog Fun Weekend - final of 4 weekends competitions DiscDog Cup 2007 in Kácov, Prague, Olomouci and Dvůr Králové.
Chase - 3rd place in Time Trial
Arnika 1st place in the DiscDog Cup 2007smajlik.gif, 0 kB
             3rd place - MiniDistance and 4th place - TimeTrial                      photos
21.-23.9. European Championship 2007 - dogfrisbee
Three day in polish Wroclaw for Quadrupedu, MiniDistance and the main discipline vlajka.jpg, 6 kB
Freestyl. Wonderfull athmosfere, many teams from 8 countries, excelent experience!
Chase Young dogs 5th place! Arnika Open 18th place
15.-16.9. Olomouc - seminar and competition - dogfrisbee
olomouc_a.jpg, 2 kBOn Sutarday - seminar dogfrisbee with Ron Watson a Apryl Lea from USA, on Sunday - freestyle competition frisbee.
Chase Young dogs - 2nd place Arnika Open - 4th place

31.8.-2.9. Komořany - "Night competition" - agility
In spite of long tradition of this three days running competitions Míša and Arnika shared it the first time. That was their only third competition but never maind, they were even successly: 2 x LA1 2nd place (they moved this way foreward to LA2) and by one routine - jumping - they even wan.
25.-31.8. Rožnov - summer camp agility
Míša - taught dogfrisbee and with Arnika learned agility.
12.-18.8. MišMaš - summer camp with dogs sports
mismas.jpg, 2 kB Arnika and Chase in a camp in Kacov - agility, dogfrisbee, dogdancing,...
verden_jashi_a.jpg, 6 kB 2. - 5.8. Germany - seminar and frisbee competition
We were with Chase at a wonderful seminar with Japanese Yachim and on weekend in competition in Verden.
28. - 29.7. Prague - seminar and frisbee competition
stromovka_sabina.jpg, 4 kBOn Saturday - seminar with Sabina and Markus from Germany, on Sunday - Freestyle competition. It was historically the first Freestyle competition in Czech Republic.
Arnika - 1st place in category Open!

27.7. Chase veterinary examination: both - hips and elbows 0/0 (HD 0/0 - FCI - A) Hipp hurrah!

francie_a2.jpg, 4 kB francie_a.jpg, 4 kB 4.-15.7. France holiday with canoing
on the rivers La Loue and Lison.
of course with dogs :-)


29.6.-1.7. Dvůr Králové - seminar of frisbee
dvur1_a.jpg, 6 kB Weekend seminar with Jakuba Štýbr ended on Saturday evening with a traditional ultimate match and on sunday with unoffical competition in MiniDistance. Míša and Arnika 21,5 points = 1st place Chase - 5th place.
photos - Anders     photos - photos by Pavel Humpolec

krakow_a.jpg, 5 kB 24.6. Poland - Dog Chow Disc Cup
Dogfrisbee competitions in Krakow. We thought that the windy weather is used mainly in Holland. What a mistake :-). We brought from the nice atmoshere of the polish competition at latest two 2 "potato medals" for 4th places:
Míša with Arnika in category Open and Yva with Chase in category Young dogs

15.-17.6. Holland - Incredible Dog Challenge
sevenum_a.jpg, 8 kB Weekend full of dogs sports: flyball, dogfrisbee, competitions for public, childern, dogs jump in to the water, dogsmaze, behavoir, agility, crosscountry, ...
We are there too. Why? Because of dogfrisbee of course :-) (Freestyle)

Arnika 3rd place - category Starters      Chase - Young Dogs
here photos Saturday    here photos Sunday     here photos category Open

9.-10.6. Kácov - Spring DiscDog Fun Weekend
kacov_a.jpg, 14 kB The first international cometition in DiscDog Cup 2007 in Czech Republic.
It was incredibly hot weather, but dogs were more o.k. then we :-)

Arnika with Míša - 1st place in Quadruped (including the longest throw by women category) nic1.gif, 0 kB2nd place in MiniDistance.
Chase - it was her first competitions, she made us happy:
3rd place in TimeTrial just behind skilled teams from Poland and the Czech record

stromovka_detskyden.jpg, 40 kB

1.6. Show of dogs sports for childern
Arnika and Chase with dogfrisbee.

18.-20.5. Dogfrisbee weekend
Dobfrisbee seminar meeting in Jihlava.
Arnika with Míša made the first privat and czech record with 18,5 points.
Chase celebrated her first birthday. Congratulation smajlik.gif, 0 kB.

13.5. Exams
Arnika and Chase completed successfully their exams ZZO.

letnany2007.jpg, 5 kB 28.4. International Dog Show - Cacib - FCI - Prague
Arnika - open class exc.
Chase - young class exc.

26.-28.1.Dogfrisbee meeting
konirna1.jpg, 3 kB Dogfrisbee meeting and training at a horses farm in south of Bohemia

photos Saturday
photos Sunday


13.10.Arnika in TV
Arnika with Kuba Štýbr and Míša Andrová - about Dogfrisbee in TV show

Siblings of Arnika in China!: china-club.jpg, 7 kB
Arnika was born three years ago together with 9 brothers and sisters. Two of them came an incredibly long way - into China. For us it was very interesting, what they do there!!! Clik on the picture :-)

photos - more pics of China

23.-24.9. Dogfrisbee - European Championship 2006 - Holland
Arnika and Michaela Andrová - Freestyle (Starters) - 10th place

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