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See bellow what they say about CzechBlack :)

“I’ve had the Czechblack vest for going on 4 seasons and it has held up great! Extremely flexible, most times I don’t even know I have it on. Mindy gets great traction and she never slips. It doesn’t ride up and protects my lower back. It’s a great product,

I use my vest since 2014. And honestly, I don’t remember how my trainings and routines on competition looked like without it! It is very light, good quality and is very good looking too (and it IS important! ). I am simply in love!! In my opinion the biggest advantage of CzechBlack vest is that it stays in place while bending, squatting, running and doing crazy frisbee stuff with my dog. What can I say: two of my students already have their own vaulting vests- they love them as well! After 3 years of using my vest now I am thinking about buying another one- JUST because I would like to have another colour. ;) NOTHING more”

“I've been using the "vaulting vest Czeck Black" since 2015 and I've got to say that in my opinion it's perfect: it offers great protection both at the front and at the back. It's does not restrict the body's movement, it is very strong and safe for the dog because it has a great grip!" 

"I tried these "czech black neoprene disc" at the European Championship in 2016 and was immediately satisfied with these disks !!! They areextremely durable and soft, my australian sheperdenjoys playing with them very much !!! excellent to use as a water game as well!!!”

“Vests from CzechBlack: I think most comfortable and safest (for my body :) and too for my dog) vest for dog Frisbee! I recommend wholeheartedly! You are safe, your dog is safe (dog's feet don't slide on you) and for everything, you look good!”

“Vestu si neviem vynachváliť, hlavne kvôli jej variabilnému využitiu. Je to skvelá pomocníčka pri učení trikov. Uplatňujem ju v tréningoch nie len s mojimi psami a dokážem ňou ľahko obopnúť predmet so šmyklavým povrchom. Rekvizita sa tak stáva bezpečnou pre psa. Zároveň ju viem zakomponovať do canisterapeutických aktivít a do programu pre deti, ktoré sa aktívne zúčastňujú cvičenia so psom. Nielen že sa cítia bezpečnejšie, vestu dokonca veľmi radi nosia. Každý by ju chcel mať na sebe ”

“Czech Black vaultvests are my first choice of vaultvests. By now I already own 3 of them, one in black for bad weather or winter training and 2 in turquoise/purple. After I got the chance to hold a seminar with Micha; we had the possibility to speak about vaultvests, and she recomemnded me a vest without padding in front. She saw the disbelieve in my eyes, (I do some chest vaults and reverses) so she promised me they will take the vest back and add extra padding if I won't be comppletely satisfied. I am glad she got me into this vest which gives me the ability to move freely, no padding in front is really worth trying, especially for woman. Two colours in my vault vest is - as you can imagine- very awesome for me to have. The neoprene quality sometimes change due to different charges, so please pay attention on what you get, but I know Czech black is with everyone very interested to get feedback and have high standards. If there should be any problem I know they will help you fast. I never had any problems or faults in my products.

Yvona speaks english - but as well - spricht sie auch Deutsch- sogar lieber als Englisch! If you order, or better when you order, take a look at their leg wrap especially at their new neoprene discs which are fun to play with in or in the near of water and hold up way better than you think they would. I myself took one with me on m trip to America, my dogs so much love it. 

“Neumím si představit, že bych hrála dogfrisbee bez Czechblack vesty. Nejen, že je to skvělá ochrana před poškrábáním od drápků, ale psovi to díky skvělému materiálu při odrazu nepodklouzne a nehrozí tak zranění. Pro nás je tedy vaultovací vesta nepostradatelnou dogfrisbee pomůckou”

“I can say straight: I won't ever perform my frisbee freestyle routine without Czechblack vault vest and leg protection. And the deal is not only safety of my body, but also about my dog's safety. All the push surface provides a good clutch, helping to avoid bad and inaccurate jumps.

Czechblack ammunition is not heavy or at all, it's sits well and let you move as much as you need. It's strong enough to survive both of my dogs (little spaniel and border collie) during few last seasons, filled with competitions and trainings. Czechblack gives me confidence to perform jumps, vaults and many other really interesting tricks. It pushes away worries and let you show fully what you're worth for.

Frisbee freestyle and Czeckblack are linked to each other strongly and I'm glad that here, in Russia, we also have possibility to use these stuff. Won't lie, whole our country is grateful: our legs and backs are alive and well-doing only because of Czeckblack.”

“Im play dog frisbee for 3 years and i've tried couple of vests of different companies. I have to say Czech Black is the best vest ive tried. Protect the handler perfectly from skin marks and scartches, and helps wonderfully the dog to jump easier to volts.”

“I have 3 CzechBlack vests… (2 were bought through Canissimo and 1 directly from you). There are awesome, very trendy and extremely strong. I also have a wrap. It’s so convenient. Couldn’t do without them. Thank you so much!”

“I have been wearing a vaulting vest since the late 1980’s and I have grown very particular with what I will wear in competition, due to its impact on my ability to perform. During this time I have only competed in three vaulting vests. The most recent being the Czech Black vest. I have bought several additional vests during this time, but I was not comfortable using them when a title or a Q spot was on the line.

 A lot of thought has gone into the Czech Black vest. From the overall cut, the lower back extension, double layered non-slip back, lay-flat heavy duty zipper, clean seams, and the over fit and finish. This vest fits like a second skin and that is what I am always looking for.

This is a vaulting vest made by Frisbee dog competitors for Frisbee dog competitors!!